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American Council on Education joins Velocity


We’re delighted to welcome the American Council on Education (ACE) as the Velocity Network Foundation’s newest member!

The momentum behind verifiable digital credentials continues to build.

We’re already seeing how reinventing career records empowers individuals, businesses, and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology – public, open, trusted, and self-sovereign.

So we’re excited that ACE will now be an important part of the next phase in the growth of the Internet of Careers®.

Louis Soares, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer of ACE, explained:

“In today’s 24/7 connected economy and society, life is now about learning and then validating, documenting and sharing that learning across life settings – work, education and community – for a variety of purposes.

The speed of this learning cycle requires a technology infrastructure that optimizes both learner agency and trust in what is shared.

Velocity Network is leading the way along both vectors.”

Velocity Network Foundation® is a non-profit membership organization, hosting the leading workforce-tech and ed-tech vendors and solution providers.

Together, we’re on a mission to build the Internet of Careers®, reinventing how career records are shared across the global labor market.

A warm welcome to Louis and everyone at ACE!