Blockchain will transform HR, bringing the “Internet of Careers” to life

Blockchain for HR is no longer a pipedream—it’s a promising technology filled with potential to improve recruiting, hiring, learning and many other areas of people’s experience at work. And today, we’re celebrating a major milestone as our industry continues to work towards actualizing that potential.



Back in January, Cornerstone announced the formation of an HR and education technology industry coalition under the umbrella of the Velocity Network, an open source, vendor-neutral platform governed by the Velocity Network Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to make blockchain more attainable and its value more clear. Now, together with other HR technology and education software providers, we’re excited to share that we’ve successfully integrated our technology with the blockchain-based Velocity Network and are already innovating with diverse use cases that apply blockchain in groundbreaking ways.


Together, the Velocity Network is propelling the “blockchain for HR” category into a new phase of real-world application and global industry buy-in to the technology’s business transformation potential.


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