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Credential Engine’s Deb Everhart of the Velocity Podcast


As we build up to June’s Velocity General Assembly in NYC, the Velocity podcasts features the innovators behind our mission to revolutionize the labor market – this week Deborah Everhart!

Listen to the show to hear Deborah and host Ollie Henderson explore the significance of credential transparency and verifiable credentials, including:

1. Verifiable credentials: Deb details Credential Engine’s pursuit of credential transparency and the importance of verifiable credentials in conveying key information.

2. Transparency and standardization: Deb tackles credential reporting standardization and the potential of CTDL to connect diverse data sources for improved transparency.

3. Velocity Network Foundation‘s role: Deb underscores the benefits of embedding CTDL and linked open data into digital credentials for both individuals and businesses.

4. Future opportunities: Deb foresees enhanced career prospects and optimized talent utilization through increased credential transparency and standardized data.

Listen to the podcast and reserve your ticket for the Velocity General Assembly, taking place on the 19th and 20th of June in New York City via the link in the comments.