The Foundation

The Velocity Network is governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a nonprofit member-based consortium, set out to put people back in control of their data and build a globally accessible, trustworthy 'Internet of Careers®.'



The Foundation is comprised of diverse businesses, nonprofit and multilateral organizations, and academic institutions.
Its role is to: govern the use of the network by all involved parties, continuously building the rulebook, a common framework that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction; promote global adoption and support among stakeholders and constituents; and guide the development of the decentralized protocols, and support research and development of applications and associated services, fostering a community of open-source developers.


The Foundation invites labor market stakeholders from across HR Tech, Education Tech, gig and freelance platforms, contingency workforce, job search platforms, background providers, assessment processor, nonprofit and multilateral organizations, employers and educational institutions, to join us as we move to change the world of work!

Founding Members

An initial group of 15 innovative trailblazers, industry global leaders from across HR Tech, Education Tech, gig and contingent workforce platforms, employment marketplaces, background and credential services, assessment and people insights providers, recruitment, development and advisory firms came together to define, deploy, and champion the Velocity Network™: a globally accessible, trustworthy “Internet of Careers®.” Founding Members are presented in alphabetical order.

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Velocity Network Non-Technical White Paper

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