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A shout-out to the thousands of builders and innovators engaged in building the Internet of Careers®.


Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to you, with sincere thoughts and best wishes from Velocity Network Foundation®.

A shout-out to the thousands of builders and innovators engaged in building the Internet of Careers®.

The Velocity Network Foundation® is on a mission to fix the broken data layer underlying the global labor market. We set out to reinvent how career records are shared across the global market, empowering individuals, businesses and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology – public, open, trusted and self-sovereign. We call it the Internet of Careers®. As a matter of fact, today’s labor market’s data exchange infrastructure has more in common with the outdated postal service than this generation’s digital world.

The right to work, to free choice of employment, is a basic human right. Breadth of individual career data and the free flow of it are key to personalized guidance and better opportunities.

Velocity Network is built to be the world’s network for verifiable and trusted career credentials, designed for the digital age. It’s governed by a membership nonprofit, set out to put people back in control over their career assets and build a globally accessible, trustworthy utility layer that connects the world of work.

It’s powered by blockchain, making it trusted, private and effortless for people to take ownership on their career credentials, choose whether to share them, decide how that data is used by others, and in the future even sell it and earn income on that sale, creating an economy around the ownership and transfer of valuable career-related data.

At the same time, employers and education providers will be able to rely on trusted, immutable and verifiable employee, student and candidate data, seamlessly and cost effectively eliminating hiring risks, boosting productively, improving employee experience and achieving regulatory compliance.

Following 4 years of collaborative work Velocity Network, the Internet of Careers®, was made public earlier this year. Dozens of independent trusted organizations now operate and maintain a Velocity Node, a network server running an instance of the decentralized ledger necessary to operate the layer 1 blockchain utility layer.

At the same time 50+ global leading world of work software vendors are engaged in building their layer 2 use cases on top of it, working together towards a future of interconnective and interoperability across the worlds of education and work, while early adopter industries across the globe are launching real world ecosystems based on it.

The future of work is coming, and fixing the broken data layer underpinning it is lived reality for thousands of builders.

For the Internet of Careers® we are now where the internet was in 1995.

for those of you that haven’t joined the movement yet, the time to get involved is Now! Don’t miss this once-in-a generation revolution.

We are Velocity. Join us, as we move to change the world of work.