How Innovation Is Changing the Future of Career Pathways

Imagine that you have a digital wallet, containing your verified education and employment details as digital credentials. Any time you apply for a job, you need to only share the credentials from your wallet and potential employers could instantly gain access to verified information.


Sound like something from the future? In fact, it’s a reality now.


HireRight is a proud founding member of the Velocity Network Foundation, a non-profit, vendor-neutral foundation focused on a collaborative initiative to transform how employers and schools validate student, employee and candidate career history. The goal? Building a globally accessible and trustworthy Internet of Careers (IoC) – a distributed infrastructure allowing individuals and organizations to seamlessly and cost effectively share trusted career credentials, built for the digital age.

Reflecting months of collaboration among its members, Velocity recently launched the Velocity Experience Center, the first in a series of multi-vendor scenarios showcasing just how such a world of self-sovereign, verifiable career credentials works in practice. These scenarios include a look at how the world of background screening will change – particularly when it comes to Career Pathways For Education, Training and Employment.


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