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New Velocity podcast introduces our India ecosystem launch event


Work in the Indian IT Service industry?

Focused on how to identify and hire the best talent?

Then you’ll be interested in the event we’re hosting on the 8th February.

Join India’s leading IT services providers for an exclusive event featuring expert speakers from AonAzilen TechnologiesCisiveEkStep Foundationfoundit HireRightNeeyamoTalview and more.

The Internet of Careers® is The Biggest Labor Market Revolution You’ve Probably Never Heard About.

On the 8th February, you’ll learn how it’s revolutionizing the way organizations and individuals verify and share career credentials.

50+ of the largest Workforce-Tech vendors in the world have come together to run and deploy the Internet of Careers®, replacing the outdated, fragmented way talent represents their career reputation across the labor market.

It’s a game-changing, blockchain-based, decentralized utility layer that empowers individuals to gain agency over their verifiable education and career information.

The Internet of Careers® is a free, open-for-all, publicly available utility, built on open-source tech and protocols governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a non-profit membership organization.

It makes it possible for people to claim and manage tamper-proof and cryptographically secured verifiable digital career and education credentials and choose with whom to share this information.

At the same time, organizations can:

– Rely on verifiable applicant, candidate, student, and employee information, seamlessly and effectively.
– Achieve significant reductions in the time and costs associated with talent processes.
– Reduce risk through decisions based on reliable data and supporting compliance in today’s global labor market.

Sign up for the event via the link in the comments to hear these expert speakers:

Ashok BildikarGaurav GuptaJames Hunsrao 🇭🇰Marcellus SolomonMeeta KaranthPraveen RaoSanjoe Tom Jose and Tarandeep Singh.

And listen to Velocity’s Ollie Henderson explain why verifiable credentials are so important in today’s Velocity Network podcast.