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Nuevosmedios launches 1st Spanish-language career wallet on Velocity


Nuevosmedios has launched the first Spanish-language Career Wallet on Velocity Network!

We’re thrilled that Knowkee is now live on Google Play Store.

Nuevosmedios is a technology company focusing on knowledge management and e-learning.

They’ve developed a secure, user-friendly app that allows people to claim and share verified career and education credentials.

Velocity Network Foundation® is a non-profit membership organization hosting the leading workforce-tech and ed-tech vendors and solution providers.

Together we’re on a mission to build the next-gen data utility layer underlying the global labor market, reinventing how career records are shared.

Congratulations to Juan David Soto SuarezEnrique José Peña Fajardo, and the fantastic team at Neuvosmedios for making this happen!

Download Knowkee HERE.