Raconteur: Digital Credentials Will Help Facilitate Frictionless Screening

Self-sovereign identity and digital credentials are set to transform screening processes, enabling a more qualitative, employee-focused approach and holistic view of candidates


The gig economy has transformed the labour market over the last decade, driven by the rise of companies such as Uber and Deliveroo. A study last year by the University of Hertfordshire found that one in ten working-age adults in the UK now work in the gig economy, which is twice as many as there were in 2016. However, its growing influence is exposing the challenges that exist in the area of candidate screening and onboarding. Traditional referencing procedures continue to be labour intensive, often delayed while waiting for companies to respond. Every organisation has their own policy on referencing and employers often provide the same reference on multiple occasions, as people move from job to job. This can delay the screening process and impact onboarding timeframes. And with all the focus now on culture, amplified by increases in remote working, human resources teams want both a quicker turnaround and a better understanding of candidates.


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