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Republican Nominee Claims False Credentials All Too Easily

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On May 25, 2022, CNN published an article titled “Fact check: Herschel Walker falsely claims he never falsely claimed he graduated from University of Georgia” (click here for the full article). Republican nominee and former football star Herschel Walker has been accused of being less than honest in interviews. Walker’s campaign website previously published false claims that he had graduated from the University of Georgia, a university the public figure had attended but never graduated. Further research by news companies revealed that the claim was one the republican nominee had been making for years, even claiming to have graduated in the top 1% of his class. FOX 5 anchor Russ Spencer challenged Walker’s claims during an interview with the station. When the claims were brought up, Walker denied ever stating that he had graduated from UGA, a statement that is easily proven false by past footage and interviews.

This is far from the first time public figures and even private people have tried to mislead others with little to no repercussions – which hints toward a much larger issue.


In today’s interconnected world, you’d expect it to be easy to verify someone’s professional experience and educational background. The reality is that it’s all too easy to falsify this information and difficult to verify it, which is why many organizations rely on manual verification and investigation methods that use valuable resources before hiring.

Credential verification should be simple, easy, and reliable while still protecting the privacy of the individual. Every person should have to right to choose what information they share about themselves, with whom, and when. For recruiters, and even in the case of public figures like Walker, it means maintaining a balance between verifying important information and respecting one’s right to privacy.


Velocity Network™ is a game-changing, blockchain-based, decentralized utility layer, that replaces the outdated, fragmented way people represent their careers across the labor market. Instead of resumes and other self-reported online profiles, Velocity Network™ makes it simple for people to claim and own signed and verifiable digital career credentials issued to them by work, school, certification providers, or license issuers. These credentials can include verified education, projects, work history, skills, and talent assessments. Individuals can choose with whom and when to share this information, and how others use this data. At the same time, employers, educational institutions, and others can instantly verify career data shared by applicants, students, and employees, seamlessly achieving significant reductions in the time and costs associated with talent processes, while reducing data reliability concerns and risks and supporting compliance. The Network is public, user-owned, aligns incentives, and redistributes value between all participants in the labor market.


Velocity Network™ is now live:

  • Any individual in the world can now download a digital wallet, curate their credentials, own them, control who has access to them, and share them safely with other organizations – all for free.
  • Any organization, education institution, licensing body, or certification body in the world can now issue trusted digital credentials to their constituents and be rewarded for doing so.
  • Any technology or services provider in the HR and Education sectors can now build profitable business models around the issuing and inspection of verifiable digital credentials.

We live in a digital world, and it’s time to move on from outdated reputation management to the Internet of Careers®.