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SHRM’s Guillermo Corea on the Velocity Podcast


We’re counting down to the Velocity Network Foundation General Assembly on 19th-20th June in NYC, by featuring the conference’s trailblazing speakers – on today’s pod is SHRM‘s Guillermo Corea!

Listen to the show to hear Guillermo and host Ollie Henderson discuss the importance of verifiable credentials and HR technology in bridging the skills gap, including:

→ HR challenges: How we can help HR professionals better understand digital credentials and HR blockchain technology.

→ Open and agnostic technologies: The significance of adopting vendor-agnostic, customer-agnostic technologies in the HR landscape.

→ Benefits for HR professionals and individuals: The advantages of embracing verifiable credentials for both HR professionals and individual employees.

→ The Internet of Careers’ impact: Making HR more strategic, efficient, and better equipped to tackle recruitment and retention challenges.

Listen to the podcast and reserve your ticket for the Velocity General Assembly, taking place on the 19th and 20th of June in New York City via the link below.