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Talview CEO Sanjoe Tom Jose has been elected to the Velocity Network Foundation board


We’re delighted to announce that Talview CEO Sanjoe Tom Jose has been elected to the Velocity Network Foundation board!

Speaking about his appointment, Sanjoe explained:

“In the past decade, Talview has become the leading provider of interviewing and assessment solutions in IT services.

We want to use the Internet of Careers® and the Velocity Network to improve the hiring process by creating a talent exchange for IT services.

Empowered by a self-custodied wallet, candidates don’t have to do repetitive interviews and assessments.

We look at verifiable credentials as a way for professionals to unlock their true potential and are excited to be part of Velocity’s mission to reinvent how career records are shared across the global labor market.”

To mark this fantastic news, on today’s podcast, you can hear Sanjoe and Vikrant Kapur‘s recent conversation at the launch of Velocity’s India IT Services Ecosystem.

Velocity Network Foundation® is a non-profit membership organization, hosting the leading workforce-tech and ed-tech vendors and solution providers, on a mission to build the next-gen data utility layer underlying the global labor market.

Congratulations, Sanjoe!

We’re excited to work with you on empowering individuals, businesses, and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology.

Listen to the podcast HERE.