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Tarandeep Singh, Aon’s CEO of Assessment Solutions is speaking at our India ecosystem launch event


Real-time understanding of skills has never been more critical.

Nowhere more so than in the Indian IT Services industry.

On the 8th February, Tarandeep Singh, CEO of Assessment Solutions at Aon will join other expert speakers to discuss how to make better informed decisions about your workforce.

The event will explore how India’s leading IT services businesses can leverage The Internet of Careers® to power growth in the industry, including:

– Why skills-based hiring and the need for dynamic upskilling strategies are becoming increasingly important.
– How verifiable credentials unlock exciting new opportunities for individuals and organizations.

The Internet of Careers® is a free, open-for-all, publicly available utility, built on open-source tech and protocols governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a non-profit membership organization.

It makes it possible for people to claim and manage tamper-proof and cryptographically secured verifiable digital career and education credentials and choose with whom to share this information.

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