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The future of global workforce mobility is here!


Velocity Network™ is by far the largest endeavor to unify the infrastructure underlying the global labor market. We call it the Internet of Careers (IoC)™, a distributed infrastructure allowing individuals, businesses and educational institutions to seamlessly and cost effectively share trusted career credentials, built for the digital age. The IoC will be the great transformer of the global labor market, redefining human capital development and deployment.


As part of the Velocity Network Foundation, some of the biggest names in human resources and education technology, staffing, contingency workforce, and employment screening, recently came together to celebrate a critical industry milestone, demonstrating their seamless integration to the blockchain-based Velocity Network to innovate with diverse use cases through verifiable career credentials that accelerate learning, education and career pathways for students and workers.


Through live demonstrations, the Velocity Network now features the first-ever available multi-vendor scenarios, showcasing the new world of work that leverages self-sovereign, verifiable digital career credentials. This is what we call the Velocity Experience Center.





The story of Yann Martin is one of many storyboards featured in the Velocity Experience Center, demonstrating use cases for self-sovereign, verifiable career credentials. As the story of Yann Martin illustrates, the future of global workforce mobility is here!


Watch a live demonstration showing Yann’s journey:


Click on the image to read the full story of Yann Martin, now demonstrable on the Velocity Network.

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Photo by OJ Serrano on Unsplash