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The Future of Healthcare Background Screening

Guest Blogging

Background screening is vital for meeting regulatory and accreditation standards in healthcare, but because background checks are triggered at the time of offer, they are largely considered a necessary evil of the pre-employment process. Once an employer decides to hire an individual, they have been through requisition creation, multiple interviews, and even pre-hire assessments, all before an offer is made. This puts tremendous pressure on the background screening partner and the entire onboarding process to ensure that the new hire is making it into the earliest orientation possible. The future of background screening has arrived and employers that partner with the most forward-thinking screening companies could benefit from a shift toward verified credentials and self-sovereign profiles in 2021.


The Velocity Network Foundation and its members are creating a way to take traditional career credentials, such as a completed degree, past employment history, different hard skills, and training certifications, and allow individuals to claim those as a blockchain record in a digital wallet. Here at PreCheck, along with our parent company Cisive, we’re proud to be leading the way in leveraging the Velocity technology framework to create valuable solutions for multiple use cases for U.S. healthcare systems and hospitals.


By leveraging this disruptive technology we will help our clients to adapt traditional background screening practices to a more efficient, more affordable, and faster process. This paradigm shift in the way that career credentials are verified and accessed, will improve the process and experience for everyone in the recruitment and onboarding ecosystem.


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