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Empowering Self-Sovereign Identity: Revolutionizing Data Control With Velocity Network

Self-sovereign identity centers on placing data control squarely in the hands of individuals. The goal shared by all stakeholders is to rectify a mistake that has grown exponentially since the late 90s—the dominance of certain companies over personal information. To enact significant change, collaboration is critical. This collaboration involves the government and the private sector working together.

Jen Berres & Mike Andrus on why HCA Healthcare is adopting verifiable digital credentials

On Mar. 8, 2024, HCA Healthcare’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Jen Berres, and Vice President of Operations and Technology, Mike Andrus, joined Velocity’s Co-founder and Head of Ecosystem, Etan Bernstein, to discuss the verifiable digital credential movement, the value to healthcare organizations in particular, and the opportunity to work together to solve for an HR challenge that all industries face. 

A unified approach to verifying education and skills

On the 8th of November, Velocity Network Foundation hosted our Education Ecosystem event, focusing on why the work of Velocity is so important and relevant to both the employment and education sectors. Watch the education community’s perspective panel moderated by Ollie Henderson and featuring Kacey Thorn (Western Governors University), Meagan Treadway (Grand Valley State University) and Mike Simmons (AACRAO).