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We’ve Asked Our Founding Members to Explain Why They Have Come Together to Spearhead Velocity Network

Watch Velocity Network Foundation’s board directors from founding member organizations talk about Velocity.

Velocity Network to Demonstrate the Art of the Possible for the Internet of Careers™

Velocity Network Foundation is reinventing how career records are shared, empowering individuals, businesses and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology, an initiative known as the Internet of Careers™. Development of the VEC is underway now, with public demonstrations expected to begin in Fall 2020.

Velocity Network to Demonstrate the Art of the Possible for the Internet of Careers™

Enabling Multi-Vendor Interoperability Across Individuals, Organizations and Industries to Provide, for the First Time, Real-Life Job Market Experiences in Self-Sovereign Career Credential Management.

‘Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby’

Internet of Careers. Blockchain. Trusted Learning & Career Records. Yvette Cameron, the passionate Co-Founder of Velocity Career Labs, on this week’s episode of ‘Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby’ by Kelly R. Bailey.

Velocity Network Foundation Announces Testnet Plus New Members, Strengthening Pathways between Education and Employment

Testnet Deployment Indicates Technical Readiness of Velocity Network, Allows Participants to Test Applications Across Labor Market Use Cases with Multi-Vendor Interoperability.

Dror Gurevich, Velocity Career Labs, at RECEX: The TED talk of talent acquisition

The Velocity Network Foundation aims to solve some of the most critical challenges for the future of work while addressing the growing need for data privacy and security.

HRExaminer Executive Conversations w/ Yvette Cameron, Velocity Career Labs

HRExaminer Executive Conversations. This week Yvette Cameron, Velocity Carrer Labs. Great conversation about the ‘Internet of Careers’ – an emerging credential sharing and validation network.

INTERNET OF CAREERS™: in conversation with Ike Bennion of Cornerstone

“A vendor-agnostic consortium is essential to make sure data and HR providers can integrate the tech capabilities throughout their platforms.”

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) and The Velocity Network

The question is how do you trust digital credentials if they are stored and owned by the individual?

Using Blockchain Technology to Usher in The Internet of Careers

Ken Lahti, Chief Science and Innovation Officer at SHL, having our Yvette Cameron as a special guest to discuss the Velocity Network.

Owning Your Career Identity

Will Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain Build the New Talent Marketplace? Yvette Cameron of Velocity Career Labs sits down with NinetoThriveHR from the Human Capital Institute (HCI) to explain how Velocity Network helps.

The ‘Future of Work’ is no longer futuristic

Listen to Yvette Cameron of Velocity Career Labs and Jason Averbook of Leapgen on the NowOfWork podcast talking about why the #FutureOfWork is no longer futuristic.

The COVID-19 crisis as catalyst for innovation

A new white paper delves into post-Covid-19 scenarios, and sees real opportunities for the Velocity Network in the flex- and intermediary job market.

Velocity Network Foundation Welcomes Oracle as a Founding Member

Oracle Joins Blockchain-Powered Internet of Careers Initiative to Enable Better Opportunities for Work and Development in Future of Hiring.

Big Idea 1: The Velocity Foundation

Exploring the development of a blockchain-based, global utility layer that enables individuals to take control of their career credentials and opportunities..

Industrywide Initiative Brings Blockchain to HR

To many human resource professionals, blockchain may sound like an esoteric technology with little practical application in their jobs. But an ambitious initiative called the Velocity Network Foundation (VNF) shows how blockchain has near-term benefits for both recruiters and job seekers.

Talent Acquisition Movers, Shakers, & News Breakers

FEBRUARY 2020 – Talent Acquisition News.

Credential platform aims to be game-changer for HR, employees

The blockchain-powered “Internet of Careers” brings together more than a dozen industry leaders.

15 Vendors Join Foundation to Explore Blockchain HCM Solutions

he nonprofit, called the Velocity Network Foundation, seeks to create a global, open-source blockchain-powered “Internet of Careers.”

“Kudos to the Velocity Network Foundation for trying to make the world a better place.”

Brian Sommer writes about the Velocity Network Foundation in his ‘Month in Review’ column.

SAP, Cornerstone join launch of blockchain-based ‘Internet of Careers’

Fourteen staffing, background check and HCM software firms are backing blockchain-based Velocity Network to speed worker credential checking.

The Biggest Trend in HR – Achim Preuss, Aon’s Assessment Solutions

It is clear that the metaphor of climbing the career ladder is no longer valid. A more relevant metaphor already in use is one of a journey, with numerous options to follow different career paths at different times. Indeed, sometimes we take time away from our careers altogether, or follow an entirely different model of work.

Welcome to the Internet of Careers

For years blockchain experts have been promising that Bitcoin transactions were just the beginning of what would be possible. And the predictions were right. Blockchain is transforming how we validate transactions across all kinds of important applications from food safety to insurance processing.

SAP, Upwork in 15 firm credentialing blockchain consortium

Today, talent manager Cornerstone, the National Student Clearinghouse, SAP, Upwork and 11 other organizations announced the founding of the Velocity Network Foundation, a blockchain non-profit that will work on developing credentialing systems.

The Velocity Network Foundation: Using Blockchain To Control Your Own Career Credentials

The National Student Clearinghouse announced today that it was partnering with 14 other entities specializing in human capital management and education to launch an initiative that will allow students, graduates and employees to take control of their own educational and workforce information.

Randstad & Velocity Network Foundation

Blockchain technology will arguably impact the human resources function more profoundly.

Interview with Cisive’s Chief Executive Officer and President, James Owens

Velocity Foundation Network: The Future of Trusted Career Data Exchange

SAP Joins The Velocity Network: A Global, Blockchain-Powered Platform for Career Credentials

We are at an exciting time when the pace of technology is at an all-time high, and organizations are in constant competition to get the right people with the right skills to drive innovation.

Cornerstone Joins Velocity Network Foundation to Shape the Future of Blockchain in HR

As a founding member, Cornerstone will collaborate with 14 other industry leaders to accelerate the development of a universal blockchain-powered network that will put people in control of their career credentials and provide organizations with transparent insights into their workforce potential.