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University of the People joins Velocity


We’re delighted to welcome University of the People (UoPeople) as the newest member of the Velocity Network Foundation!

UoPeople is the first American non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online university.

Dedicated to opening access to higher education globally, UoPeople helps high school graduates overcome financial, geographic, political, and personal constraints keeping them from college studies.

UoPeople believes that access to higher education is a basic right which promotes world peace and global economic development, and it is committed to providing those young people a quality higher education – tuition-free.

The mission of University of the People is to offer an accessible, quality education to any qualified student through flexible, affordable, online, accredited degree-granting programs that give graduates the potential to lead successful, fulfilling lives as individuals and members of society.

We are excited to have UoPeople join Velocity, and we look forward to working together to grow the Internet of Careers®.