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Velocity Career Labs launches Prove.Bio


Velocity Career Labs has launched a universal verification service built on top of Velocity Network™.

Prove.Bio is a major step in bootstrapping workforce demand for Velocity Network™ Credentials.

Until now, people holding credentials in their career wallets have had a fundamental question:

“If many relying parties are yet to connect to the Velocity Network™ and are therefore unable to process credential disclosures via the network protocols, how can we use the credentials we’ve curated in our wallets?”

Velocity Career Labs’s new product removes this barrier.

By extending the career wallet’s functionality, people can easily share their credentials beyond the current ecosystem of relying parties connected to the Velocity Network™, enhancing their utility and making them truly universal.

Listen to this week’s Velocity Network podcast to hear Dror Gurevich explain why this is such an exciting development.