Velocity Network™ Adoption Toolkit

For successful adoption of self-sovereign identities and verifiable credentials

Everything You Need in One Place

The concept of digital, verifiable credentials is still new to many people. The right messaging and approach are both critical to successful adoption. To that end, we have prepared an adoption toolkit for you to use in your deployments to assist in a successful rollout.

Feel free to adjust the content to your needs, and let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the toolkit.

Communicating the Benefits of Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable credentials are the future of work, and it’s important to provide your audiences with content that conveys this message. Designed for different target audiences, each of the below pages provides an introduction to career wallets and verifiable credentials, the importance and benefit of privacy and self-sovereignty, and an excellent example of how others use their wallets to navigate their careers.

Feel free to share the resources below with your audience to encourage adoption.

Wallet Adoption Funnel

Embedding a Pixel in Emails

When issuing credentials, you want to be able to track each step in the user journey, from being notified of their ability to claim a credential to actually claiming it. This allows you to see the conversion rates at each step, which may provide insights into how you can optimize the journey to increase conversion.

For example, if you sent 500 emails prompting individuals to claim their credentials, but only 70 opened the email – that is an open rate of 14%, which is a little low. Since this is the first step of the journey, you may want to optimize the subject line and investigate issues related to the email list (e.g., high bounce rate). We recommend using a marketing tool or an embedded pixel in the email to track open rates.

Tracking Failed and Successful Credential Claims

By setting the TRIGGER_OFFERS_ACCEPTED_WEBHOOK variable of the credential agent (see here), your VENDOR_URL webhook endpoint will receive calls whenever a credential is successfully claimed.

Registration Steps

Below are simple, step-by-step instructions for registering as an issuer or relying party on Velocity Network™. If you are a credential agent operator, we encourage you to share these instructions with your tenants to make the registration process faster and easier.

Issuers (Click here for more information on becoming an Issuer)

Relying Parties

Data Flows

To understand how things happen on Velocity Network, we’ve provided an explanation on various data flows below. Click the links below to visit our documentation site for more detailed explanation on what each step entails, along with data flow diagrams that present the flows visually.

Please note that these are simply common examples of different flows and we encourage each organization to create its own flows based on its specific needs.

Visit the Velocity Network Documentation Site
Templates & Examples

The below templates are meant to be used as examples. We encourage you to create your own based on your organization’s specific needs.

Example User Journeys

Below are two example applicant journeys you can use to create your own.

Assessment Vendor in India
Background Screening in Healthcare

Example Email Flows

Below are two example email flows you can use to create your own.

Assessment Vendor in India
Background Screening in Healthcare

T&Cs Template for Wallet Holders

We’ve prepared a Terms & Conditions template you can download and use for wallet holders to agree to.

Download Template

Issuing & Inspection Testing Plan

In order to achieve end-to-end functionality, we need to make sure everything is working before moving on to production.

Click here for more tips and testing flow examples to ensure a smooth user journey and positive user experience.

Workstream Project Outline

View a breakdown of the typical tasks required to set up a credential agent and issuing/inspection on Velocity Network™, broken down by workstream. The document below includes deliverables, effort estimates, and recommended accountability for each task. Use this resource to create your project plan for successful deployment on Velocity Network™.

Download document

Example Project Plan

An example of the type of project plan organizations use to successfully deploy their use cases on top of Velocity Network™. This document is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used or adapted directly as a project plan. Instead, use the workstream project outline above to create your own project plan, with dates and owners for each task.

Download example