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Velocity participates in JFF Plugfest 2


We were thrilled to participate in JFF Plugfest this week with our partners, Sphereon.comValidated IDiQ4, and GreenLight Credentials LLC.

As Velocity continues to build an amazing community of organizations on a mission to unlock the power of verifiable career credentials, it’s great to explore the possibilities of open protocols and collaborate with the industry to ensure interoperability.

The Velocity Network is a utility layer and support organization that enables credentials to be fully interoperable across five layers of interoperability:

– Technical
– Structural
– Semantic
– Legal/Regulatory
– Business Process

Velocity Network gives access to leading Ed Tech and Workforce Tech vendors embracing SSI technology.

Our tech stack enables ALL issuers and ALL wallets to interact on the Network, rewarding contributions to the Network and insulating organizations from protocol changes and updates.