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Why verifiable credentials are 1 of the 10 Big Ideas that will shape 2023


As this LinkedIn News India article explores, expectations of how we share our skills and expertise are changing and ‘technology will make (and break) job opportunities’.

That’s why Velocity Network Foundation has recently launched our India IT Services Ecosystem, deploying the Internet of Careers® to reinvent how career records are shared and create new opportunities for millions of people.

In the article, Aon’s Managing Director of Assessment Solutions Ishita Bandyopadhyay explains that:

“Combatting time-consuming processes and high costs associated with background checks, the Velocity Network “…will offer a safe and secure way to credential our talents, store them in a career wallet, and share them with (future) employers with a single push.”

If you’d like to find out more, you can watch a video of our India launch event from a few weeks ago (link in the comments below), which features Ishita’s colleague Tarandeep Singh, along with more expert speakers:

Ashok Bildikar (Neeyamo)
Gaurav Gupta (EkStep Foundation)
James Hunsrao 🇭🇰 (Cisive)
Marcellus Solomon (HireRight)
Meeta Karanth (foundit )
Naresh Prajapati (Azilen Technologies)
Praveen Rao (SAP)
Sanjoe Tom Jose (Talview)
Vikrant Kapur (Technicolor Creative Studios)