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One frictionless experience to exchange trusted career records, using the power of blockchain.

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Introducing Velocity

A simple way for individuals to own, manage and share their career credentials.


Reinventing how career records are shared across the global market. Empowering individuals, businesses and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology – public, open, trusted and self-sovereign. Turn career achievements into digital credentials. Verifiable, secured and truly global. Own them, use them to access better opportunities.


We call it the Internet of Careers®.


Global labor shortages of 85.2 million skilled workers are projected by 2030, resulting in lost revenue opportunities of $8.452 trillion¹.

[1] The Global Talent Crunch, Korn Ferry, 2018


57 million Americans freelanced this year, representing 35% of the U.S. workforce².

[2] Freelancing in America, Upwork, 2019


Skills shortage, accelerated turnover, contingent workforce and gig economy drive a volatile and disruptive global labor market.


Yet, Individuals and businesses still rely on costly, unreliable and slow exchange of former employment, professional achievements and educational certifications data.


As a matter of fact, today’s labor market’s tech infrastructure has more in common with the outdated postal service than this generation’s digital world.


People see their career credentials as one of their most important assets. Yet, they do not own them. 73% of employees said they want to own their work-related records and take them as they move between jobs.

[3] Putting Trust to Work, Accenture, 2019


With Velocity, people will be able to take ownership of their career credentials, choose whether to share them, decide how that data is used by others, and even sell it and earn income on that sale, creating an economy around the ownership and transfer of valuable career-related data.


At the same time, employers and education vendors will be able to rely on trusted, immutable and verifiable employee and candidate data, seamlessly and cost effectively eliminating hiring risks, boosting productively and achieving regulatory compliance.


We are Velocity. Join us, as we move to change the world of work.

The Internet of Careers®

Enabling HR and Ed Tech vendors, employment marketplaces and freelancer platforms, staffing and recruiting providers, background and assessment processors to offer their constituents the ability to issue, share and verify career credentials, and develop new added-value use cases and innovative applications.

Enabling organizations to rely on trusted, immutable and verifiable applicant, candidate, employee and student data, seamlessly and cost effectively eliminating hiring risks, boosting productivity, improving employee and student experience and achieving regulatory compliance.


Built on a blockchain designed with the highest security in mind.


Verifiable records are shared digitally, eliminating costly manual processes.


Credentials are digitally signed by the issuing authority.


Open source, vendor neutral platform, governed by a collaborative, democratic, nonprofit foundation.


Users have sole ownership and control over their records and personal data.

Velocity is open

Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, Velocity's open architecture goes beyond career credential exchange for developers to build their next age products and services. The Velocity code will be released as open source fostering a community of developers.

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Velocity Network Non-Technical White Paper

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The Foundation

An Industry
Coming Together

The Velocity Network is governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a cooperative, non-profit entity, set out to put people back in control and build a globally accessible, trustworthy “Internet of Careers®.”

Members across HR and Ed tech, gig and contingent workforce platforms, employment marketplaces, background and credential services, assessment and people insights providers, recruitment, development and advisory firms, nonprofit and multilateral organizations, employers and educational institutions — join us and change the world of work.

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