We Are

We are reinventing how career records
are shared across the global market,
deploying the Internet of Careers®.

Our mission
To build the Internet of Careers®

Velocity Network Foundation® is a non-profit membership organization, hosting the leading workforce-tech and ed-tech vendors and solution providers, on a mission to build the next-gen data utility layer underlying the global labor market.

We are reinventing how career records are shared across the global market; empowering individuals, businesses, and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology – public, open, trusted, and self-sovereign.

Velocity Network™

A game changing, blockchain based, decentralized utility layer, that replaces the outdated, fragmented way talent represents its career reputation across the labor market. The Network is a public utility, compliant with W3C standards, governed by Velocity Network Foundation® that aligns incentives and redistributes value between all participants in the labor market.

How it works
One frictionless experience to exchange trusted career records, using the power of blockchain. 

The Wallet

Individuals use a career wallet application installed on their device to connect to their work, school, or license issuers to claim digitally-signed proofs of their employment history, educational background, skills, and qualifications. These records are stored privately on the device and the individual controls who they share their data with.

Click here to see how individuals use their wallets to navigate their careers.

The Credential Agent

Organizations use the credential agent software to connect to the Network, issue verifiable credentials, a digital career credentials, to their constituents, and instantly verify career data shared by applicants, students, and employees.

The Blockchain Network

Each credential issued on the Network has a verification key stored on Velocity’s high-performance blockchain. While the keys do not hold the credential data, or any personal information for that matter, they are used by organizations to verify credentials shared with them by individuals.

The Token

Issuers and other contributors are rewarded with Velocity Credits. Organizations buy credits to pay for access to the blockchain to verify credentials. The Velocity Credit Marketplace is a simple way for participants to trade credits for cash.

The Foundation

The Foundation exists to govern the use of the Velocity Network™ by all involved parties, continuously building the rulebook, a common framework that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction, and guiding the development of the decentralized protocols.