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Aon named in Forbes Blockchain 50 list for 2023 for it’s use of Velocity Network™

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Aon has been named in the Forbes Blockchain 50 list for 2023 for its use case of verifiable digital credentials deployed on the Velocity Network™, a blockchain-based utility layer for the trusted exchange of work and education credentials.

The Forbes Blockchain 50 list is an annual selection of the top companies working with blockchain technology, highlighting innovative applications and solutions driving the industry forward.

Velocity Network™ and its protocols enable individuals to claim and stack career and education credentials, store them privately on digital wallets and share them with prospective employers and other relying parties – reducing the time and cost of hiring. The credentials are issued to the individuals by schools, former employers and credentialing or licensing organizations and are tamper-proof and cryptographically secured, hence trusted by the relying parties.

The Network is governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a non-profit membership organization hosting 55 leading workforce-tech and ed-tech vendors and solution providers, NGOs, and industry associations representing major labor market stakeholders. Together, they’re on a mission to build the next-generation data utility layer underlying the global labour market.

Many organizations test job candidates. In June, AON launched a blockchain service using Velocity Network that enables job seekers to store and share the results of their assessments with multiple employers, eliminating the need to take the test more than once.

“Self-custody, verifiable career identity is a real web3 use case that will drive a once-in-a-generation of the labor market,” says Dror Gurevich, Founder and CEO of Velocity Network Foundation. “It will radically change how the workforce navigates their careers and how employers make talent-related decisions. Dozens of the largest workforce-tech vendors and solution providers are already deploying solutions on top of Velocity Network™. Combined, these organizations process career-related data for more than 1 billion individuals. Aon has again demonstrated their trailblazing approach by leveraging Velocity Network’s blockchain-based data utility layer, giving job seekers agency over their personal career and education records.”

Learn more about Aon’s use of Velocity Network’s blockchain technology and how the firm is helping employers evolve recruiting programs while boosting inclusion and diversity here.