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Aspire Ability joins the latest Velocity for Startups Cohort


Velocity Network Foundation (VNF) is pleased to announce and welcome Aspire Ability as one of its Members via the Velocity for Startups Program.

Aspire Ability is a Community Talent Marketplace solution for competency-based Job Seekers and Employers. The organization focuses on underserved and underrepresented communities (demographic, geographic, or both).

Aspire Ability uses a combination of competency/skills mapping and proprietary technology to bring the right Employers, Learning Providers and Job Seekers together in a community.

This is accomplished by first mapping the most in-demand jobs to create accessible and trustworthy Job Profiles and enabling Employers to use Job Profiles to create Job Posts that are more specific, accurate, and up-to-date.

Simultaneously, Job Seekers use the Job Profiles as a guide to create their own personalized Job Seeker Profiles, enabling them to show employers exactly what they’re capable of, and then Aspire Ability matches Job Seekers to employment opportunities.

When Job Seekers do not have the necessary skills, they are directed to upskilling opportunities that Learning Providers have tagged to address the indicated skill gaps.

Aspire Ability has gained garnered national attention with their competency mapping tools and work with the Navajo Nation.

Welcome to the Aspire Ability team and we look forward to working with you!