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Credential Engine CEO Scott Cheney joins Velocity board


Digital credentials unlock new, exciting opportunities for millions globally.

So we’re excited that Scott Cheney is joining the Velocity board.

Credential Engine shares our mission of creating a better future by creating a fairer, more open labor market.

Scott will play a valuable role in our mission to build the Internet of Careers®, using open, trusted, and self-sovereign blockchain technology.

Together, we’re reinventing how career records are shared across the global market; empowering individuals, businesses, and educational institutions.

As Scott explains:

“The work and vision of Velocity is both exciting and essential. Velocity and its members are quickly proving that it is possible to share career records through secure approaches to the benefit of students, workers, employers and others. Now we look toward the opportunity to rapidly expand its adoption and utilization in order to make the global marketplace more efficient, effective, and equitable. I’m honored to be joining the Board at this moment, and to work with the other members to help lead Velocity through its next phases of growth.”

Congratulations, Scott!