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CV Wallet joins the Velocity Network Foundation


We’re thrilled to welcome CV Wallet as the latest addition to the Velocity Network Foundation!

As Beverly Collins and Richard Collins explained:

“CV Wallet is delighted to announce our membership in the Velocity network, a leading advocate and proponent of developing web3 protocols for the work tech industries.

Joining the Velocity Network fully aligns with our mission to create a fairer, more efficient, and trusted hiring ecosystem by combining the latest web3 and AI technologies.

Through being part of the Velocity Network, we believe we will be able to realize that vision even sooner.”

CV Wallet, known as Resume Wallet in the US, pioneers an innovative approach to job-seeking, employment, and assessment, enabling skills-based hiring at scale, tailored to today’s world of work.

Velocity Network Foundation® is a non-profit membership organization, hosting the leading workforce-tech and ed-tech vendors and solution providers, on a mission to build the next-gen data utility layer underlying the global labor market.

CV Wallet seamlessly integrates multiple web3 and AI technologies, including verified credentials, decentralized wallets, digital identity management, and blockchains, culminating in an upgraded Smart CV phone-based app for job seekers.

The app securely holds career data, streamlining the job application process. For employers, CV Wallet offers a skills-based hiring platform, allowing companies to discover candidates based on assessments taken or qualifications earned.

CV Wallet was co-founded by the talented duo Richard and Beverly Collins, who were also behind ClickIQ—a programmatic advertising start-up that revolutionized how companies automate and manage recruitment advertising. ClickIQ was acquired by in 2019, just 800 days post-launch.

We’re excited to collaborate with CV Wallet as, together, we build the Internet of Careers® and reinvent how career records are shared.