Issuing & Inspection Testing Plan

Tips and testing flow examples to ensure a smooth user journey and positive user experience.

Ensuring End-to-End Functionality

In order to achieve end-to-end functionality, we need to make sure everything is working before moving on to production. Once development is complete, proper testing is critical to ensure a smooth user journey and a positive user experience.

This starts by taking into account that users will follow a number of different paths depending on their devices, whether they used a deep link or QR code, and if they are new or existing wallet holders. As such, users may not follow the path we expect them to. Additionally, multiple systems are involved in this process – i.e., your system of record, Velocity Network, the user’s device, etc.

Taking the above into account, we need to ensure that we test the following:

– All possible paths we can think of

– The process on both Testnet and Mainnet

– The exact end-to-end user flow that will be in the final version

We recommend using the below testing flow examples as templates to create your own.

Remember that everything needs to be tested on both Testnet and Mainnet.

Batch-issued badges
Integrated assessment issuing