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Micro-Credential Multiverse joins the latest Velocity for Startups Cohort


Micro-credential Multiverse has joined the Velocity Network Foundation as part of the Velocity for Startups program.

Micro-credential Multiverse specializes in strategic advising and creating industry-leading digital credentialing ecosystems that empower learners, elevate brands, and maximize impact by uniting learning experiences with career opportunities.

As Micro-Credential Multiverse founder Robert Bajor 🛰 explains:

“We are incredibly excited to join the Velocity Network Foundation, a pivotal step in our decade-long mission to bridge learning experiences with career opportunities, whether acquired through traditional or non-traditional paths.

This partnership aligns us with esteemed organizations like Credential Engine and the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and enriches our portfolio by incorporating the fast-growing verifiable credential space.

By joining forces, we’re poised to amplify our impact, diversify our offerings, and contribute meaningfully to the future of credentialing, workforce development, and socioeconomic mobility.”

Congratulations to Robert and the Micro-Credential Multiverse team – we’re excited to work with you!

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