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Build new and innovative products and services on top of Velocity's open source utility layer.

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Connect your Apps

Releasing the project as open source allows a thriving ecosystem of contributors to adapt and build on top of it.

This reinforces the ecosystem’s growth in addition to benefiting from diverse viewpoints to the project.

Open source SDKs and APIs will enable tech vendors and software developers to connect their applications to offer their constituents a whole new world of functional capabilities.

Drive Innovation

The technical architecture of Velocity Network separates the utility layer of the Blockchain network with its basic elements and token mechanics from the different applications that interact with the network, and is designed to accommodate new and innovative functional use cases that will be developed by the community.

Being a vendor-neutral, open source, public utility layer, the Velocity Network welcomes and encourages new functional use cases and applications that utilize the blockchain layer and drive stronger network effects.

Enhance Trust

A survey of over 33,000 respondents in 28 markets shows a world of distrust in business*.
* The Edelman Trust Barometer, Edelman, 2019

An open source approach will let the community of developers, users’ organizations and NGOs – and in fact any interested party – to audit the code and assure privacy is kept and the protocol can be trusted.

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Velocity Network Non-Technical White Paper

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