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Pruuvn joins the latest Velocity for Startups cohort


As a member of the latest Velocity for Startups cohort, Pruuvn has become a Velocity Network Foundation member.

Pruuvn® leverages AI and blockchain technology to simplify contractor verification, onboarding, and compliance from multiple steps to one click.

As Pruuvn CEO Bryan Hobbs explains:

“Pruuvn® is thrilled to partner with the Velocity Network Foundation, which perfectly complements our overarching mission of establishing the world’s foremost data trust dedicated to empowering individuals’ upward economic mobility.

It enhances trustworthiness, efficiency, and interoperability in the credential verification process, allowing our customers to onboard candidates and potential clients efficiently.

Through this collaboration, we anticipate mutual learning and cultivating a more inclusive and inventive environment, ultimately benefiting individuals striving for advancement.”