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Talview CEO Sanjoe Tom Jose on the Velocity Network podcast


Verifiable credentials issued on the Velocity Network “unlock growth opportunities for the industry as a whole, for providers in the space and for all of our customers.”

Hear Talview CEO Sanjoe Tom Jose explain why he’s excited about the possibilities created by verifiable credentials on the latest episode of the Velocity Network podcast.

Sanjoe is one of the expert speakers at our event taking place on the 8th February 2023, which will explore how India’s leading IT services businesses can leverage The Internet of Careers® to power growth in the industry.

The Internet of Careers® is a free, open-for-all, publicly available utility, built on open-source tech and protocols governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a non-profit membership organization.

It makes it possible for people to claim and manage tamper-proof and cryptographically secured verifiable digital career and education credentials and choose with whom to share this information.

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