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Velocity CEO Dror Gurevich features in Forbes


If you’re an employer in California, data protection just became a big issue for you.

Last week, Velocity CEO Dror Gurevich spoke with Forbes to explain why changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are just the latest sign that businesses need to rethink their approach to data protection.

In January, compliance requirements for employers subject to the CCPA will change, fundamentally affecting how they manage the personal information they collect about their workers, independent contractors, and job applicants.

As privacy awareness from job applicants and employees increases and regulations become tighter globally, employers must keep up.

That’s one reason workforce management tech vendors like AonOracle and SAP are coming together to develop and deploy the Internet of Careers®, a game-changing, blockchain-based, decentralized utility layer.

The Velocity Network replaces the outdated, fragmented way personal information is exchanged across the labor market, empowering individuals to gain agency over their verifiable education and career information.

Read the interview here.

And listen to Dror discuss the changes with Ollie Henderson on the latest episode of the Velocity podcast, here.