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Velocity Network to Demonstrate the Art of the Possible for the Internet of Careers™

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Velocity Network Foundation, a collaborative, democratic, nonprofit foundation, led by HCM and EdTech titans, set forth to put people back in control of their career data and build the world’s network for verifiable career credentials, announced the release of Testnet 2.0 – the Velocity Experience Center (VEC): a multi-vendor environment that demonstrates for the first time seamless interoperability across dozens of job market participants. In building the VEC, the Foundation introduces an environment that enables its members to interact with one another and show the expected real-life experiences of individuals, organizations and educational institutions in the new world of self-sovereign verifiable career credentials, in ways not demonstrated yet by other pilot and proof of concept projects.


Velocity Network Foundation is reinventing how career records are shared, empowering individuals, businesses and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology, an initiative known as the Internet of Careers™. Development of the VEC is underway now, with public demonstrations expected to begin in Fall 2020.


The first VEC engagement will focus on the U.S. healthcare industry, featuring comprehensive scenarios involving movement into and throughout the sector, including both clinical and non-clinical roles. The VEC environment will leverage detailed user and labor market data to support multiple use cases as well as a digital career credential wallet, allowing individuals to curate their credentials from a diverse set of entities. The approach will facilitate rich interaction between individuals and employers, institutions and technology vendors granting and verifying professional career records at all stages of the professional lifecycle, from job displacement to job searches, new student graduation to continuing education.


Dror Gurevich, CEO for Velocity Network Foundation, shared, “Since our launch earlier this year, the Velocity Network Foundation has been making exciting progress. After conducting demonstrations to members of the U.S. federal government and T3 Innovation Network plus conversations with dozens of consortiums and organizations, we decided to expand on the traditional pilot programs usually used for showcasing new capabilities. The Velocity Experience Center will align with the market’s immediate needs and will serve as a proof point of the industry’s ability to come together to advance education and employment opportunities for the workforce, including veterans and underserved populations.”


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