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Werkx joins the latest Velocity for Startups cohort


Velocity Network Foundation has just welcomed a new cohort of companies to the Velocity for Startups programme, including Werkx, a two-sided job marketplace.

Werkx verifies a candidate’s credentials upfront to create a faster hiring process and promote a more reliable workforce.

As Werkx Co-founder & CEO Virginia Trinkle explains:

“Most companies rely on self-disclosed titles and experience when assessing whether a candidate is a fit for a role. This has been the approach for the last 20+ years in the hiring space and one that has risk in hiring unqualified workers as well as with candidates experiencing bias.

The verified skills and credentials of Werkx candidates provide companies with peace of mind that workers have the qualifications needed for a role without the time and cost of a lengthy hiring process. Candidates also get to unlock and claim roles that their skills fit instead of applying to dozens of roles on a job board with little to no response.

We’re excited to be part of this phenomenal cohort of startups. There is so much technical expertise within this network and we’re really looking forward to establishing creative partnerships with these companies.

We’re convinced that data sovereignty and verified credentialing are going to be staples in all the jobtech platforms of the future, so building our solution on top of the Velocity Network was a no-brainer.”

The Velocity for Startups program objective is to infuse greater innovation into the work of Velocity Network Foundation.

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