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Velocity’s 2023 Recap: The Internet of Careers is LIVE!


2023 has been a momentous year for the Velocity Network Foundation. A year in which the Internet of Careers has gone LIVE!

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Our membership has grown steadily throughout the year, but it’s the stature of those joining the mission that’s significant. Members now represent the range of regions, industries, and categories crying out for verifiable credentials to help create new opportunities and reduce longstanding friction and costs for organizations and individuals. The influx of passionate new contributors, combined with existing members’ ongoing efforts, means we can look forward to an exciting 2024.

Welcome to all our new members:

AACRAO, American Council on Education (ACE), AMSInform, AMD Healthcare, Aspire, Beyond Academics, C-Ben, CV Wallet, Dataflow, EBSCO, Education Design Lab, Gobekli Inc, Good4Work, Grand Valley State University, IOE, iQ4, Medicus, Microcredential Multiverse LLC, NCSBN, Opportunity@Work, Pruuvn, Sertifier, Smartresume, SnapNurse, Talentpair, Territorium, Thrivacy (Validide), UO People, Vizzibl, WGU,, WerkX, Workforce Talent.

We’re particularly delighted to welcome: Aspire Ability, Good4work, Micro-credential Multiverse, Pruuvn, Territorium and Werkx, the first cohort of startups to join Velocity under the new system approved by the Board of Directors this Spring. The Velocity for Startups program objective is to infuse more incredible innovation into the work of Velocity Network Foundation.


The highlight of the year’s events calendar was the 2023 Velocity Network Foundation General Assembly, which took place in New York City in June. Over 100 members and partners assembled for two days to review the progress made on the network and collaborate on future activities.

Watch a recap of the conference below and check out the Velocity YouTube channel HERE for videos of every session.

Velocity’s team were also active at industry events across the world, including 1EdTech Europe, CBExchange, Convergence, Educause, HRTech, Medbiquitous, T3 Innovation Network, The Badge Summit, UNLEASH and the World Employment Confederation.

We also participated in fantastic events hosted by members and partners like Good4Work, Neeyamo, Open Assembly, Sertifier, SHRM and Talview.

India IT Service Ecosystem:

In February 2023, Velocity and our members launched the India IT Services Ecosystem with an event featuring organizations like Aon, Azilen Technologies, EkStep Foundation, foundit, Neeyamo, SAP, Talview

Watch the recap video below and every session HERE.

As the year progressed, we’ve seen the Ecosystem embrace Velocity and verifiable credentials as a solution to help remove friction in one of the most dynamic global job markets, illustrated by Cisive using Velocity to verify applicants’ education and career history in India.

Education Ecosystem:

2023 also saw the launch of the Education Ecosystem, which has already made significant strides in helping unify credential data for institutions in education and employment.

The launch event, which took place in November, featured speakers from AACRAO, American Council on Education, Beyond Academics, Cisive, Credential Engine, Education Design Lab, Grand Valley State University, GreenLight Credentials LLC, HCA Healthcare, Nuevosmedios, SAP, Sertifier, SmartResume, Talview, Western Governors University.

You can watch every session from the two-part launch event here:

  1. Why the work of Velocity is so important and relevant to both the employment and education sectors
  2. How Velocity members are working on the Network to build solutions to common problems and improve opportunities for individuals and organizations.

Watch the event highlights here:

Velocity’s thought leadership in education was also laid out in our recent Education Whitepaper, as well as a detailed outline of LER requirements supporting the SkillsFWD grant allocated to several initiatives led by Velocity members.

Healthcare Ecosystem:

After its launch at the end of 2022, the Healthcare Ecosystem gathered pace this year.

New members like staffing firms AMN Healthcare, Medicus and SnapCare, and global healthcare screening firm Data Flow Group joined the community. Most notably, HCA Healthcare continued to innovate as part of the initiative led by members Infor, Jobvite, Precheck and (a Cisive Company).

For more on this, watch videos below from the Velocity General Assembly, including this interview with HCA CHRO Jennifer Berres at the Velocity General Assembly

A panel discussion led by Velocity CEO Dror Gurevich with Jennifer and Vice President of Shared Operations Mike Andrus.

Presentations on the Builder’s Stage from Infor, Jobvite and Precheck.

More Network Highlights:

The year began with LinkedIn showcasing verifiable credentials as one of the big ideas of 2023, and the momentum building across the Network has proven that to be the case.

The innovation on the Network was marked by an award for Aon in the Forbes Blockchain 50 list for 2023.

Velocity is now impacting the lives of people in 185 countries around the globe, as the work our Trailblazer Challenge winners Sertifier, University of the People, Talview and Nuevosmedios demonstrated when launching on the Network this year. Over 1 million credentials were issued in the six weeks leading up the General Assembly meaning the Network was robustly tested and primed for mass adoption in 2024 and beyond.

Meanwhile, by issuing the first verifiable credentials in Latin America, Nuevosmedios also launched the world’s first Spanish language career wallet, Knowkee, and issued the first credentials in Latin America.

The year wrapped up with Forbes featuring Velocity in their report on technology revolutionizing hiring, describing it as a “game-changing, publicly available utility built on open-source tech and protocols”.

As more organizations participate in the Velocity community, we’re excited to contribute more innovation and thought leadership, including communicating the unique value the Network offers and how we’ll collectively revolutionize the education and employment industries.

Thanks for all your support in 2023. We look forward to an even more successful 2024.